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Raun Harman Inc. made a humble beginning in 1997 and has a list of satisfied clients spanning the globe.

Till recently, the cobbler was one of the essential workmen of the village community in North west India including Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & kashmir. He was entitled to have the skins of all animals dying a natural death, or to share them with the village sweepers. Apart from his right to the skins of dead animals, he also got a share or fixed amount of produce, which varied from place to place. In return he was required to supply shoes to the whole family of his patrons once or twice a year, and to provide cattle thongs, plough gear, headstalls for cattle and other leather products of agricultural utility.

With modernisation and machines taking over for most manufacturing activities, the punjabi jutti was slowly losing its presence and glory. And so most of the craftsmen were looking for alternative means of occupation. Manufacture of Punjabi juttis or Khussas needs no machines. It only needs recognition. The craftsmen are still there. What is needed is someone who would admire their products and buy them. We at Raun Harman Inc. are trying in our own small way to sustain this craftsmanship of North west India by promoting the Punjabi Jutti.

We have brought together, these artisans under one roof and assured them of their daily wages. We cannot claim to be manufacturers of this product. It is these craftsmen who are manufacturing it. We are only making an attempt to keep alive the famous traditional embroidered Punjabi juti (Footwear) of India. The material used is pure leather. It is soft, lightweight and long lasting. The craftsmen manufacture the embroided jutis in every size and colour. They can also make customized juti as per the buyers requirements. The onslaught of high technology is putting a premium on the arts and crafts in the modern era and it will require special efforts from all of us to preserve them for posterity.

We aspire to rekindle your imagination with an overwhelming and mesmerizing range of embroidered juttis. We export the most upbeat and trendy designs that encompass all styles !!

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