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  SEO India,seo company indiaSEO india, SEO Company india,Search Engine Optimization India,SEO Expert IndiaWeb Promotion India by Raun Harman Tech (p) Ltd.
Most Search Engine Optimization methods are risky and many will not have any affect on traffic to a web site. Some online marketers will sell you anything from banner impressions, to mass email campaigns (spam), to popup ads. All these marketing tools can work, but they are also extremely risky. Some people I know find pop-ups and spam so annoying that they will never purchase anything from a business that uses them. These plans are probably not the best customer acquisition strategies, and more likely they are a total waste of money. So why would anyone bother risking money on marketing strategies that probably will not increase traffic to your website? Why not concentrate on what does work? - The search engines
Raun Harman Pvt. Ltd. an Indian based SEO Company understands the important achieving top position major search engine and only powerful or successful method to do so is Search Engine optimization. RaunHarman SEO Company India specializes in Website Promotion in to major search engines. Search engine Optimization place an vital role in Internet marketing, this also help your site get theexposure it deserves and increase your website traffic instantly.

If you already have a Web site, RaunHarman will show you how to eliminate all the problems that are killing your sales. If you don't have a Web site yet, terrific! No errors to correct. RaunHarman will show you how to convert a blank piece of "digital paper" into a site that truly sells.

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Search Engine Optimization Services


Meta Tags and Page Optimization
Today most of the search engines rank their database on the basis of the meta tags (keywords, description etc.) We are specialized in providing relevant and business oriented meta tags for your business. The process includes full research of keywords and a proper customer oriented description for the page. After that we create a page content relevant Title for your Webpage which is also a most popular criteria for the Search Engine Indexing.

Search Engine & Directory Submissions
Did you know that 80% of your traffic will find your website through the search engines. RaunHarman specializes in Web site submission to search engines. Search engine submission is vital to internet RaunHarman will help your site get the exposure it deserves and increase your website traffic instantly.

You have spent considerable time and money on your new web site. Now is the time to let the world see it, and to do that, the world must find it. More than 80% of your traffic will come from search engines, the more placements you generate, the more likely your web site will be a success.



Link Popularity Programs
Having another site linked to yours is almost vital when it comes to getting your site indexed. Some search engines wont even consider your site if there is not at least one outside link pointing to it. If you have to, have someone that owns an indexed site place a hidden link to your site. Having a link point to your site also helps in getting spider traffic. If the site that has a link to yours is already indexed, you will also receive a visit from the spiders that visit their site. This is a really fast way to get indexed. Our link popularity program has the following steps.
1) Searching for quality and industry relevant link exchange request.
2) Sending link exchange requests and updating link pages.
3) Managing Incoming Link exchange requests.
4) Development of dynamic but search engine friendly links directory for incoming requests.
5) Your one way link into our hundreds of partner's sites.


Pay Per Click Programs (PPC)
Pay per click advertising is still a fast, effective way of capturing well targeted traffic to your web site. Pay per click advertising programs are offered by Google Ad Words, Overture Direct Traffic, Sprinks PPC and LookSmart LookListings. These programs offer the best quality traffic for most website marketing campaigns.

With email marketing channel results diminishing because of spam, pay per click advertising has the next best ROI. There is some skill needed in producing effective PPC ads. You should know what you're doing or you may not be happy with your ROI.

Its a little expensive way to market your product but it has the direct and fastest reply. You ad flashes on the particular selected keywords and as customer arrives on your site. We help you choose and install the best PPC program for you website.
Top PPC providers
1) Google Ad Words.
2) Overture Sponsored Listing.



Email Campaigns
Apart from our Search Engine Optimization plans we are also into the online marketing by providing our E-Mail Campaign service to our clients. In this we market our client product to the potential buyer through emails. A custom designed spam free mail is send to thousands of customers explaining each and every detail in a very few space by using graphical and textual contents
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