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Boost your website Traffic with High Page Rank today!-Link Popularity Services

Raun Harman is providing search engine oprimization Services (SEO Company India), with top 10 ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, HotBot, Lycos etc. , along with Link Popularity(Page Rank) Solutions to increase Google Pagerank and ranking of a website.


Search Engine Optimization
The process of making/improving a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers and help a site gain top ranking/position for relevant words and phrases in search engine. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most successful and cost effective form of online marketing.

To promote business, it's essential to market the products/services and for this various types of marketing means is used such as Banners, Advertisements, Pamphlets etc. But today, a new marketing concept has evolved named as Internet Marketing.

We offer-Link Popularity Services
Having another site linked to yours is almost vital when it comes to getting your site indexed. Some search engines wont even consider your site if there is not at least one outside link pointing to it. If you have to, have someone that owns an indexed site place a hidden link to your site. Having a link point to your site also helps in getting spider traffic. If the site that has a link to yours is already indexed, you will also receive a visit from the spiders that visit their site. This is a really fast way to get indexed.Our link popularity program has the following steps.
1) Searching for quality and industry relevant link exchange request.
2) Sending link exchange requests and updating link pages.
3) Managing Incoming Link exchange requests.
4) Development of dynamic but search engine friendly links directory for incoming requests.
5) Your one way link into our hundreds of partner's sites.

Internal Linking
We boost internal linking of your site.The internal link structure and directory structure of your pages is very important. There is only so much stuff that you can fit on the home page. Especially if you cover a range of topics. You may find that a deep page in your site is more keyword rich than you front page and so would rank highly if only it had some PR down there. Well you can use your internal link structure to adjust the PR of such deep pages

Link Building & Link Exchange(Reciprocal Linking)
Reciprocal links form a vital part of any website promotion effort. You have created great content, or offer a superb product or service -- and now, you want people to know about it.we offres fast & effective(high page rank sites) back link to your site that help to improve your page rank.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is the text a site uses to link to your site, basically it is text describing your services or products or why the site is linking to you.
Anchor text optimization can be deployed throughout your site to enhance the relevance of most of the web pages based on individual page content.we offer suitable instances of hyperlinking structures to make use of optimized anchor text .We Use right keywords in Natural Text to Create Anchor Text.

Page Rank
Page Rank means importance & relevancy of your page.GOOGLE majors page rank of a web page.We offer HIGH PAGE RANK to your site.

Boost your website's rank in the major search engines like AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, MSN, Yahoo and Teoma with us !.

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  Our services
Our search engine promotion services will get you seen and can provide you with the edge you need to win! Because if your site is not seen in those vital first 2 pages of a search engine listing, you may as well not have spent your money on a website.
Search Engine Optimization Link Popularity Development
Competitive Analysis Search Engine Position Maintenance
Pay Per Click Management E-mail marketing


  Pay Per Click Programs (PPC)
  Pay per click advertising is still a fast, effective way of capturing well targeted traffic to your web site. Pay per click advertising programs are offered by Google Ad Words, Overture Direct Traffic, Sprinks PPC and LookSmart LookListings. These programs offer the best quality traffic for most website marketing campaigns.

With email marketing channel results diminishing because of spam, pay per click advertising has the next best ROI. There is some skill needed in producing effective PPC ads. You should know what you're doing or you may not be happy with your ROI.

Its a little expensive way to market your product but it has the direct and fastest reply. You ad flashes on the particular selected keywords and as customer arrives on your site. We help you choose and install the best PPC program for you website.
Top PPC providers
1) Google Ad Words.
2) Overture Sponsored Listing

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